What Is Manufacturing P.A.R. Excellence?


The business is truly in control when every member of the team:

  • Acts like a serious adult,

  • Takes responsibility for their behavior
  • Owns outcomes, and
  • Is forthcoming with communication that’s frequent and candid.

When control is distributed through every layer of an organization, you have the people with the best information and the most knowledge applying the control.

Manufacturing P.A.R. Excellence™ puts process around everything.  When it comes to controlling the company, these processes utilize a set of well-used tools and established methodologies that enable the leadership team to use a strong accountability structure to cascade control down through the organization, and create clear, concise information to flow back up the organization. 

As a company leader you know what is going on in the business, that people are executing well, and solving problems using the same effective and efficient methodologies throughout.


The business operates effectively and efficiently when you have the:

  • Right people

  • In the right seats,

  • Doing the right things

  • Using the right tools, and

  • Motivated in the right way. 

Execution is people dependent.  With Manufacturing P.A.R. Excellence™  the focus is on tools that push performance in an environment that pulls out the best in people.


In manufacturing, beyond control and execution, the keys to growth are:

  • Shared long-term and short-term strategic vision

  • A strong value proposition that guides behavior

  • Good problem-solving skills, and

  • An innovative team

With Manufacturing P.A.R. Excellence™ there is process around developing strategy and quarterly tactics as well as your ongoing value proposition.  You also get the tools you need to bring out problem-solving capabilities of all your people.  Innovation is just a form of problem solving that focuses on creating competitive advantage through new knowledge.  Manufacturing P.A.R. Excellence™ installs two unique and unusual tools that enable you bring out the innovator in every employee.


Separately from Manufacturing P.A.R. Excellence we offer a lunch-and-learn and a Workshop on applying Behavioral Economics to face-to-face selling. Lunch & Learn 

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