About Our Founder

How you implement the system

Leaving time to let new habits take hold. 

You implement, we facilitate. You will implement the P.A.R. Excellence methodology with your whole leadership team over the course of four implementation days spread over 90 days. These are four fun, hardworking days. Then you go on a quarterly rotation of one all-day tactics and strategy meeting each quarter, and cap it off with a final quarterly meeting as part of the two-day annual planning meeting. With each initial quarterly meeting, we introduce and implement new tools. We have an iron-clad guarantee. If you don’t get the value you expect, you don’t pay.  When you decide you’re ready, you graduate and are on your own (usually in 13 to 18 months).

It's about learning new habits and getting rid of old ones

Bill Burnett is an experienced executive with a wealth of international experience having lived in six countries outside the USA and worked with local teams in all sorts of cultural settings in more than 60 additional countries. 

Today he is leveraging his background in running the ‘factory’ of the back-office, Bill spent 10 years as Head of Global Operation, and another 5 as Senior Vice President Strategic Initiatives. Bill also had the primary responsibility for innovation in a company recognized as producing the most innovations in its industry.  As a perpetual student of leadership he’s brought out the best in individuals, irrespective of reporting relationship.  Bill understands that the top ideas come from both collaborative teams and curious individuals and often from the most unlikely brains.  He is an expert in applying psychology and behavioral economics to business activities.      

He is married to Linda Britton. They have three children, George 31, Madeleine 29, and Charlie, 22. Bill has written four business books, (working on a fifth) and numerous articles. He holds a BA from the University of Northern Colorado, and a Masters in International Business from the Moore School at the University of South Carolina.