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P.A.R. = Process, Accountability, Results

Why does the logo look like a golf swing?

"I was worried that my team wasn't capable of taking us to the next level.  But,  implementing P.A.R. Excellence made it clear that with the right tools and methods, they are the right team!" A Wisconsin manufacturing CEO.

Manufacturing P.A.R. ExcellenceTM is a business operating system designed specifically to get the best performance from your people in the more complex and challenging management environment of manufacturing.  It takes a going concern and enables it to create and maintain industry leading competitive advantage.  It does not replicate or encroach upon your existing lean manufacturing structures.

The blocking and tackling in Manufacturing P.A.R. Excellence consists of tried-and-true tools:

  •  Control by establishing powerful business control mechanisms;
  •  Execution through the right behavior based measurements and an active, robust, peer-to-peer accountability structure. 
  • Growth through a highly effective simple discipline that lifts the problem-solving capabilities of every team member throughout the company.

Finally, innovation is just a form of problem-solving, which requires a special environment to flourish.  Using the unique tools in Manufacturing P.A.R. Excellence the leadership team establishes that environment.